Ken U. (Virginia)

"Brady, Do you remember this truck you sent to Virginia (pictures attached)? After a little chrome, a tonneau cover, sprayed-in bed liner, and detailed to perfection it's top notch. The engine runs strong and it tows great. We are very happy with this truck."

Stu P. (Nova Scotia, Canada)

"Hi Brady, A year ago Anne and I bought the '99 Ford 250 SD turbo diesel that went to Canada and are delighted; we have have covered over 14000 miles since then, sometimes towing the 5th wheel camper with no problems. Regular servicing of course, a great vehicle. Thanks again. Best wishes"

James M. (Connecticut)

"Hey Brady. I got the title and the truck. I'm very happy with the truck and the deal. Thanks for everything. The next time I'm in Ft. Worth I'll pop in and say hi."

Jerry (Florida)

"Hey Brady, I just left you a toned-down/subdued feedback on the Bay. Thanks again for a truly fabulous transaction experience. Your service and product are superb, and I really, REALLY appreciate all the extras you did along the way. I am quite the happy camper !! I love the truck....it's beyond even my most ardent expectations!! God Bless You and Yours, and please stay in touch, Most Sincerely"

Alfredo (Dominican Republic)

"Hi, I have already received the car. I like and is in very good condition. I hope we can do more future business. Many thanks."

Mark R. (Texas)

"Hi Brady, I went to leave (very positive) eBay feedback today and found I was just over the 60 day window (62 days). My apologies. With our recent move, there were just a lot of things to think about recently and I neglected to do this in a timely manner. But, I wanted to say that the Prius runs great, and I enjoyed the process of dealing with you. Trust you and your family are well."

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